Sunday, July 12, 2009

Change of plan

Today I started watering around 8am. Took a break for breakfast, finally got back in the house at 1.45pm - not all watering, but also weeding, trimming, deadheading and pondering a change to the front bed.

The California poppies got rotten due to sprinkler malfunction, the Corn Marigolds are annuals, and now past their prime, and the Nasturtiums are vicious and strangling everything. So I ripped out a lot of the above today at one end, and moved two Gaillardias over from the Canna bed. (Above)

When the rest of the Corn Marigolds come out it will look very bare! Since the garden tour is in just 8 weeks (!) I need to spice the area up with plants that:

Look good year round
Have bright-colored flowers
Don't need lots of water
Look good with Gaillarias, Agapanthus, silvery Artemisia and yellow Daylillies.

I'm at a loss. Maybe the sun went to my head. I predict a trip to Home Despot is in my future, where I will stand gormlessly in front of aisles of plants trying to pick a winner. And inevitably get the wrong thing. Oh well! It's all trial and error.

Rick dropped by and he is the reason the sunflowers are alive at all, it turns out! He's been watering them this whole time. Thanks! We're getting the payoff now with our brand new flower :)

I also had a nice chat with Gina and Tank, and John came by to donate a Begonia. Oh, and the hummingbird was back, feeding on sage and aloe flowers! I tried to take a pic but... my phone's camera mojo is weak.

Above: Matilija poppy flowering for the first time!

UPDATE: Later in the afternoon, just as I was leaving for Oakland, Jim and friend rolled up with bamboo! Jim had spend ages digging it out of his friend's garden and wow - there's a lot! We will plant it along the back fence. It's the clumping kind - promise! Thanks Jim (and friend) :)

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