Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Friends in high places!

Today I played phone tag with Joan, but the gist of the message she delivered to me was that she had the brilliant idea of contacting Tom Ammiano, our Assemblyman up in Sacramento!

She emailed and his people emailed back! They said he's getting ready to come back to the city, has a bit of time on his hands, and would look into it! One can only imagine the power of a bored politician - fingers crossed he doesn't have any more pressing tasks to deal with.

I for one voted for Tom for Mayor (sorry Gav, love ya anyway) and one has to think that such a lovely chap would see where we're coming from here.

Which reminds me, what's Sophie Maxwell up to? I sicced her people on Caltrans too - perhaps they have made contact and assessed the situation. I will find out.

At any rate, we're making a fuss here. Squeaky wheel and all that. Thanks Joan for your stroke of genius!

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