Sunday, March 15, 2009

This and that

No gardening for me yesterday but that didn't stop Gary from putting up the poop bag dispenser that Erin had donated. He painted it, added a P. Garden logo, and put the whole thing on a sturdy post up at the top of the garden! Thanks Gary - nobody needs to walk more than a few steps to get a bag now.

Today I tidied up. I widened the "urban-rustic" brick path, and added edging. I re-stacked some bricks (found a California Slender Salamander in the pile!) and moved some branches. Matt and I dug out the broken pipe for the irrigation so it can be fixed by our friends at Caltrans. I planted a Yucca tip and 4 Cordyline tips that had been "seasoning" out back, as well as a packet of nasturtium seeds. I also picked up two bags of Starbucks coffee grounds for the garden, and weeded.

We also had visitors: Georgia and friend from came to interview me about wildlife habitat and other plans for P. Garden. She found out about P. Garden from the Sunset blog post about us - I had a great time talking with her. Gina (Mrs. Iron Maverick) dropped by for a lovely chat about Potrero Hill history, too, and Jim with his sweet dogs came by and scared me with stories of DPW garden bulldozing antics! ;)

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