Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Aloes and sedums and... more sedums... oh my.

Last night I planted the entire muck bucket of Aloe nobilis that John gave me to extend and thicken up the Aloe hedge that stops mulch from falling in the storm drain.

The Aloes now extend over what had become a little step from the drain up to the path. While this is a bit inconvenient for me, I hope it's so inconvenient for people who shouldn't be walking back there that it effectively stops them. I need a place to store pots and so on, and that's the only somewhat hidden area I can use: I don't need people walking back there and stealing or destroying stuff.

I also did a little weeding, and planted five Sedums along the wall, and one ("Hab Grey") in the large middle bed.

I would love to have my little ground cover Sedums trailing over the edge of the storm drain, but have had to move everything back from that edge to prevent them being crushed when homeless/kids tramp through there to hop over the fence at the back.

When the Opuntia cactus back there get established that route will close though - they will have to get under the freeway bridge from the other side.

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