Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More twig weaving

Last night I used up all of the loquat branches Leah pruned off, as well as the other branches she brought me, in making a strip of edging along the top bed. I need more branches though - a call to the tree company that did the pear trees on the street was not returned, and a craigslist posting went unanswered.

So, if you see trees being trimmed anywhere in the city, let me know and I'll drive over for a couple carloads!

I also pulled off the dead leaves from the Yucca tree John gave us, and it's looking very trim now.

Jessica from Caltrans has been by too - she removed the broken spigot we dug out, and she'll give me a key and a new spigot so I can water the garden soon. *squeal!*

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