Friday, March 20, 2009

Forecast: Rain - anytime you want it!

Today I feel like I got the keys to the city: wonderwoman Jessica came by on her day off (!) and hooked me up with a brass key device that will turn on water for the hose on the lot. I can't tell you how happy I am! She had another Caltrans employee there, and he fixed the broken pipe. Between them they figured the right combination of little silver things I need to twist to make water gush out on the lot, and what to do if it stops gushing.

Thank you so much Jessica!

Barbara, Annelle and Gary were also out having a gossip and we discussed the youth of today (and their habit of climbing the back fence) and bird feeding ideas. Annelle kindly offered to call Safeway so they'd come and get the abandoned shopping cart; as Gary pointed out it does encourage more vandalism.

On the way back to work I took my two trays of seedlings to stay with Kepa for the weekend, as we are away. No doubt they will love it in her greenhouse and probably won't want to come home on Tuesday! Thanks Kepa :)

(Photos: Calla lilly and red Dianthus)

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