Thursday, March 12, 2009

Plant profile: Agapanthus

Agapanthus plants are a perennial commonly used in city plantings here in San Francisco because they are as tough as old boots, look good all year round, and have lovely blue flowers that go on for ages.

When I moved here I thought they were great, and bought some to put in the garden. That was before I realized that they are common as muck, and often people will try to give them to you. Pretty soon you will become strong and start saying "no" to the common variety. However, I still think they're great.

Latin name: Agapanthus spp. ("ag-ah-PAN-thus")
Common name: Lily of the Nile
Originally from: South Africa
Blooms: Spring to Fall
Light: Likes full sun or partial shade
Water: Likes a drink in the summer, but they're pretty tough
Drainage: Well draining but rich soil - hates soggy toes
Height x width: Clumps grow to 3-4' tall and wide
USDA Zones: 9 - 11
Where to find in P. Garden: All along the front border

There are about 6-10 species of Agapanthus. They come in a mini version (we have some variegated ones in the middle back bed) and a white version (ours are mixed in with the blue ones) as well as several shades of blue.

UPDATE June 2016:
This plant is 5 year drought proof!

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  1. In Wales when August comes the winter is nigh, but the agapanthus start flowering to take your mind off that. Two months of sky blue flowers that laugh at wind and rain, wouldn't be without them. Hard to believe they can put up with SF summers.


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