Tuesday, March 31, 2009


What's that sound you hear? That distant buzz? It is the sound of hummingbirds flocking to Annelle's new hummingbird feeder in the garden! She and Gary put it up yesterday and I had to stop and admire it this morning.

It may take a while for the little guys to find their new feeder but when they do, we'll be able to lounge on the bench (to be built) and watch them congregating around the trellis, which one day will be convered in star jasmine (scented) and sits between the Ceanothus (scented) and the loquats (scented) - it's going to be an experience! The photo below shows what the view from the bench will be like, looking to the right.

This morning I also managed, despite a severe crick in my neck, to dig a hole for our newest, biggest, bluest Agave americana. He now sits at the end of the storm drain and will have some of his smaller friends around him, effectively blocking off easy access to the storm drain by hooligans. Unless they like to be scratched by spiky leaves, who knows?

No doubt our new Agave (whose possible name due to his sharp looks is "Agavin Newsome"? Anyone?) will grow a bit bigger, but I've left enough room at the sidewalk for spread, and access to the biodegradable dog bags is not blocked at all. As you can see from the picture, behind him is a massive pile of branches (for borders) and our Fuchsia. I suspect the Fuchsia is being a bit fried by the heat being reflected off the wall there, so I'm planning on moving it to the large left bed and putting a tall Opuntia in it's place. The whole entrance area will have a cool Southwestern feel - I just hope little kokopelli windchimes, stained glass mosaic howling coyote toilet roll holders and other assorted tchotchkes don't start showing up, as is the tendency in community gardens...

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