Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Wednesday trip

Dahlia imperialis in bloom
Today I met Chris at the garden and we accomplished quite a few tasks in a couple of hours. The sun was absolutely gorgeous and PG was looking very lush, with all sorts of things flowering right now.

First of all, Chris removed the arch at the top of the steps. It was so old and rickety, and despite his having fixed it up in the past, it's time had come. Out it goes! What will we put there instead?

While he was doing that I finished up weeding under the cherry plum trees and mulched the area. I planted three Artemisia "Powis Castle" there as ground cover.

Chasmanthe floribunda
Chris emptied the dog poop container, and replanted some Aloe maculata, then moved the Leucadendron salignum "Golden Tip" from the steps to the bed opposite - hope it grows a bit better there.

I started weeding the steps, cut back the Phlomis purpurea, and planted an Agave there too. I have some Achilleas to go in there, and more Agaves too - perhaps next week.

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