Tuesday, January 22, 2019

More new plants

Yucca gloriosa variegata
This time at Pennsylvania Garden!  Matt and I packed the truck with new plants and set to work yesterday, getting things in the ground that will be OK with a week with no rain.

Matt kicked it of by moving an Agave parryi and two Agave attenuatas in the middle front bed to finish up the job I did over the weekend. Looks great, but I didn't get a photo!

Next up, he pulled out a huge, but sadly suffering, Phormium tenax from the left bed. Honestly, they did so well for us over the years but xeric they are NOT, so this one just had to go.  He replaced it with three spectacular Yucca gloriosa variegatas which will be very happy there. When I ordered these 15 gallon plants I hoped they would have a trunk and be taller - they were intended for PRG. But they were pretty short when they arrived, and being slow growers they will work in this spot better.

Agave attenuata "Boutin Blue"
While he was working on that I removed tons of weeds under the cherry plum trees and created a pile of them deep in the bed where they can compost out of sight (mostly).  Then we planted five Agave attenuata "Boutin Blue" there. Hopefully far enough out from under the tree canopy so they get enough light, and don't get covered in leaves, but we shall see.

Again, these were intended for PRG but we placed much tougher Agaves there - these ones aren't as resistant to foot traffic to be honest. But now they are in a more protected spot, and it feels right.

With all the weeds gone I need to get back to the garden and add more wood chips to prevent fresh weeds springing up soon. Stay tuned...

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