Saturday, January 26, 2019

Surprise! More Agaves!

Clockwise from top left: Before, Vanzie,
Frosty Blue, after
Matt and I made a quick trip to PG tonight and planted three good-sized Agaves. If you're in the garden tomorrow take a look.

They are Agave franzosinii - one of the biggest Agaves in the world, and a stunning pale blue color. This one is a 15 gallon baby so far, but should get huge - over 6' tall and wide. No photo - it got too dark.

The other two are Agave ovatifolia "Frosty Blue" and Agave ovatifolia "Vanzie", which are now located in the brights bed, close to our other Agave ovatifolia which is just the regular species.

Again these are pretty big Agaves which can top out 5-6' wide, so this will be an epic display. They're near the Agave weberi "Reiner's Selection" and I think ti all looks rather nice, especially as I removed 5 tubtrugs of weeds there too...

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