Saturday, January 5, 2019

Another 40 plants go in at PRG

Chris + cactus = Chrictus
Today's workday was forecast to be wet and windy, so, expecting fewer volunteers than usual, I changed my plan to bring loads of new plants and just bought... about forty.

Luckily for me, our stalwart gang showed up and we planted them all! Josh, Chris, Hilary, Aditi, Matt and I put in a full 12 person-hours of work total, and managed to install the following:

20 Artemisia "Powis Castle"
6 Euphorbia wulfenii
8 Salvia canariensis
5 Salvia leucantha
1 Agave lophantha

"Take that, Santolinas!" - Hilary
Chris moved some columnar cacti into a nice group, and pruned and weeded and de-pupped agaves like crazy. Matt staked up all the new Salvia canariensis so they don't get blown over in the wind, and watered all the new plants with water he got from Fregosi paints, and moved some rocks around.

Hilary and Josh planted and planted and planted, then cut back Santolinas with a vengeance, and Aditi rescued a poor pitiful pampas grass from a thuggish salvia.

Josh gleefully whacks a plant
I picked up loads of trash, set the plants out to match the planting plan, and weeded away too. I used the 311 app AGAIN to ask them to please remove all the green waste that's been piling up. Hope they get on it!

We've got about 100+ more plants to get into the ground in January/February, so we will do some extra volunteer days: keep an eye on the blog if you're interested in joining in. We have a workday January 14th 3pm-5pm coming up - that's a Monday - so if you are available, drop by!

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