Sunday, January 20, 2019

Started to get the donations planted.

Banksia serrata
Yesterday I wanted to get some of Jamie's plants in the ground, as I knew rain was coming today. I started out in the middle front bed, where our big Agave americana variegata, affectionately known as "Moby Dick" used to live - until it flowered! The stump from that was so big we couldn't remove it, so Matt has been planting Agave attenuatas all around it.

That's been working OK, but I have also noted that the Leucodendron "Jester" in that bed has done incredibly well with no help, so it seems like a great spot for a related plant from Jamie's donation: Banksia serrata.

After weeding and clearing the area, that went in just fine, and I mulched it well with wood chips afterwards. It should make a large shrub or small tree, and has wonderful serrated leaves and big creamy colored cone-like flowers.

Cistus skanbergii
Next up, I added the Cistus skanbergii in the same area, and the two Teucrium aroanium as well. Hopeful the latter two will do well, but will have to keep an eye on them. The Cistus will be great. More mulch, away we go.

After that was done, I moved to the middle back bed and started weeding. I weeded around a lot of the Aloe maculatas, and moved one to fill a gap. They do look very tired in midsummer, but quickly spring back and get growing as soon as the rains start.

Leucospermum "Veld Fire" - back
The blue fescue grasses (Festuca glauca) that we'd planted there are not xeric. I finally admitted that, gave up and pulled the remaining ones out, and put in lots of mulch.

As the area behind them was empty, and was an area with lots of sand in the soil, the perfect plant to add was Leucospermum "Veld Fire". I'll add a couple more variegated Yuccas later, but overall when the Leucospermum gets going it'll be perfect there.

OK that's all for today - more soon!

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