Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One grumpy cocker spaniel

Hi everyone! A brief interruption in your garden blog programming to visit a website for a very worthy cause: Muttville! Muttville is an organization in our neighborhood that cares for senior dogs; taking care of them and finding them new homes. I already have one grumpy cocker spaniel in my life (he's in our brochure!) and would love more, but my dog is destined to be an only child for the rest of his life. Anyhow, I am sure you're like me and desperately want to help Muttville, and here is your opportunity!

If Muttville wins the vote, Tim Lincecum will host a special fundraiser event for them - WOW.

Please go to this website and vote for Muttville
If you want to foster or adopt a dog, volunteer, or donate, go to their main page here, which also contains a link to the voting website:

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