Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Mexican Evening Primrose
(Oenothera speciosa)
Today I sold three items on Craigslist on behalf of the garden. The two wine barrels went to Juliana and Austin, the old composter went to Freesia.

In between talking to them, I weeded the top of the steps quite thoroughly, and planted two Euphorbia characias there. The Achilleas were taking over, and tend to be on the floppy-weedy end of the spectrum anyway, so too many of them = a mess.

I also watered in all the recent plantings thoroughly. That'll be an every-other-day task for a week or two.


  1. I represent the Champions of Responsible Achillea Propagation (C.R.A.P.), a national organization whose goal is to promote the use of achillea and fight achilleaphobia. We take issue with your description of them as 'weedy' or 'floppy' or 'floppy-weedy'. Do you have scientific proof of these comments? Why do you say this about achilleas, but not other plants? How long have you had this unreasonable fear of achilleas? We are sending a therapist to meet with you and reprogram your thoughts.

  2. Please do send a CRAP person over. I cannot understand why my plain white Achilleas flower dementedly and send runners to take over all adjacent parts of the garden, while the fancy-colored versions only do well their first year and then behave in a sullen fashion after that. I am starting to resent Walther Funke and Cerise Queen!


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