Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cleanup continues

Agave attenuata
Today I went out to the garden to work on some projects ahead of our fab Wellness Block Party on Sunday - are you coming?

I planted a bunch of plants that have been waiting around.

6 little Aloes or Haworthias (what are they?) went around the base of the Pittosporum on the terraces. I'd placed another one there a few months back and it seems to be happy, so now there's a mini swath of them there. I'll post a pic later and try and get a positive ID.

Dendromecon rigida
1 Agave attenuata went next to the other one I'd placed in the left bed back in February.

1 Dendromecon rigida (Bush Poppy) - a CA native - went in the spot I cleared this week where we had a Lupinus arboreus. The latter was misbehaving (going dormant, looking dead, coming back to life and being extremely sprawly - disaster!) due to the soil conditions there - hopefully the Dendromecon will shine.

There was also the inevitable weeding and watering of the latest plants to be done. Lots to do this week - come to the volunteer day on Saturday and help us prep for the party!

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