Sunday, May 20, 2012

Angry Birds and solar flower

BYOC (bring your own cup) this evening was preceded by about an hour of weeding and planting of cherry-red ice plants in the new bed we made yesterday.

I forgot to take a picture of that. Trust me, it'll look nice when it's grown in.

We had 14 BYOC guests. I will not name them to prevent their reputations being tarnished by such a display of wantonness in the garden, but let's just say everyone was "cheerful" until the wind got too cold.

Turns out it wasn't one of the two warm SF evenings per year after all, but we did accomplish two things: a) we saw the eclipse of the sun (turns out iPhone pics of that don't turn out so great) and b) Paloma & Jim (oops!) offered to really think about giving us Paloma's placenta when she has her baby next month, which we will plant under some exotic Australian plant. It was Paloma's idea, I swear. I am telling you right now, that'll be quite the event at PG. I shall blog about it in detail! Haha!

In other news the Mockingbirds are still Angry. See other picture.

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