Friday, June 11, 2010

Volunteers Needed to Help Plaster Posters for Clean Up Day

Hi Everyone,

Next Saturday June 19th is the big Community Clean Up Day on our Pennsylvania and 17th Street. Tomorrow we're going around the neighborhood plastering posters. If you have time between 2-3pm please join us.

We'll meet up at my place at 1020 Mariposa St. #2 and head off from here. Afterwards we'll meet back up at my place again for coffee, tea, and yummy baked bribes (I mean goodies)! If you have a staple gun and/tape gun please bring those.

If you can't make it this Saturday, but want a poster to place in your building or in your neighborhood, I'll be around this weekend if you want to pick some up.

You can also download these digital files and print them yourself:

If you have any issues downloading the files, please email directly at

Thank you everyone for all your support!

Arum Ahn

1 comment:

  1. Yay for setting this up! The blog is beautiful by the way, great job.


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