Sunday, June 20, 2010

6 hours in the sun

Today, Matt and I picked up Leanne at 9am and headed over to Leah's to pick up some Dietes she donated for the Mariposa Center Garden. We headed right back to the strip and started digging holes in the rocky dirt for the plants. This was Leanne's first time digging the dirt there and I felt bad - it really is rocky and hard!

Pretty soon we were joined by Arum and she brought drinks and snacks for us. Her ginger scones are like crack to me (I ate 5 in 2 sittings in the last week) so you can imagine my delight at seeing her.

We worked Leanne and Arum to the bone, and we got all the Dietes planted, and watered the entire strip. Good job, guys.  We also met Deputy Sheriff Mike McVay who is part of the Transit Police Bureau. He complimented us on the garden, and asked us to give him a call if we see naughty youths tagging in the area, and especially coming through the hole in the fence in the strip garden.

Then Leanne went home for a well-deserved rest, and Matt, Arum and I went up to sit on the Pennsylvania Garden bench to rest for a while too. Ron and Tank joined us for a relaxing chat.

We'd set up the sprinkler to water and after Arum left, Matt reorganized the tool shed area while I took cuttings to propagate for the next sale and trimmed and rearranged plants in the left bed a little.

Emily, Ryan, Bentley, and Emily's parents showed up just as we were leaving, and so did Gary. We felt bad rushing off, but it was about 3pm and we'd had no lunch. Yikes!

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