Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fencing at the Mariposa Center Garden - done!

This evening I met lovely, hardworking volunteers Emily, Ryan and Leanne at the Mariposa Center Garden to finish the fencing there. Emily and I were early so we picked up the tools and fence materials from the garden, and wheelbarrowed them down to the strip.

When the others arrived, we pounded in two U-posts at each end of the to-be-fenced area, and attached the fence to each end, then pounded in 4 more posts in between, trying to stretch the fence as tight as possible. Not easy without guy lines or tensioning posts, but I think it'll work. Then we wired the fence to the posts.

We left the hole in the Caltrain fence open (second photo from top) - we need Caltrain to fix that hole permanently, and there's no point fencing it ourselves til they do - the homeless people will just trash it to get through.

After that, we watered all the plants - 2 wheelbarrow trips with old milk cartons full of water (the hose doesn't stretch all the way from P. Garden) and we were done! Many hands make light work - thank you Leanne, Emily and Ryan for a very enjoyable evening on the street!

A number of people stopped as usual to thank us for our work - if any of you are reading the blog please come help some time! We have volunteer days regularly, and the more people who come and do a little of this or that, the faster these plantings will be ready for everyone to enjoy (upcoming tasks include planting more plants, watering, fetching mulch, applying it, and finally, removing the fence once the plants are established!)

And once again, thanks to Center Hardware and The Godmothers for bankrolling this neighborhood improvement project!

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