Saturday, June 26, 2010

New hardware

After a somewhat poopy week, weather-wise, today was all sun and breezes.

I got to the garden around 1pm and noticed something new! Ron, the Iron Maverick, had been by and put up the new community signpost backing! I've ordered an enclosed corkboard to be attached to it, and there's also room for the brochures Matt designed when we get those printed. It matches the design of the arch so we have a look going. I'm super pleased with this! And it was all funded by the plant sale we had back in May.

I watered the left bed, and planted a Yellow Bush Lupine (Lupinus arboreus) in the place where we cleared out the Vinca recently. I think that should be a big improvement. I also watered the potted plants and noticed the sprinklers are doing a good job. They don't cover all areas though, sadly.

Leah dropped by with some Dietes for the Center Hardware strip garden, and later on I was joined by Miyuki and her husband Nick who came to help. They really helped, too! They weeded all the nasturtiums out of the front bed, lots of mint from the middle back bed, and even helped me water the strip! Many hands = light work, once again. Thanks guys!

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  1. That board is well placed in relation to the wall behind it. And when the cactus etc planting is grown up, people will come from miles around to look at the back wall of the hardware store.


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