Friday, June 4, 2010


Emily Gogol, Josh Schechtel and I applied to the SF Parks Trust to have them become our fiscal agent for the project. This means that we can accept donations and grants to fund the project as if we are a 501(c)3 but without all the paperwork! Donors get the tax write-off, and we give 5% of donations to SFPT.

This was approved yesterday, and I'm signing some more paperwork for SFPT but it's basically done. Great news.

I also met with representatives of Saturn Construction to get some ideas for what can be done on the street to improve it. We need to get several more quotes - does anyone know a landscaping company who could work on this? The quotes we'll get will give us an idea of what grants to pursue.

I created some images to show Saturn the sort of things we could do. The images are in the Google Groups' files section, and also here:

If you have comments, questions or ideas, now is the time to share them. These are just ideas, and do not cover the entire scope of the project. Let's start the conversation here: when we have a good idea of the direction to go, we will hold another meeting at the NABE. Not everyone interested in this project is on the email list - at the next meeting we will ascertain who needs to be on this decision-making list, as I feel it's too difficult to coordinate ideas on and off list. Let people know: if you want to be part of the decisions made, get on the list! Click here!

We also have some other fundraising ideas in the works that will be fun, but will need volunteers for. We need a volunteer coordinator who, as the need arises, will get hold of DPW, the neighbors and businesses, and other volunteer groups, to let them know when/where we need people (for a planting day, trash clearing day etc.) If you think you can do this job, please let me know. The work will be sporadic, and not difficult! UPDATE: Arum has volunteered to help with this. Thank you Arum!

OK, let's hear your thoughts!

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