Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Plant profiles - what next?

I usually write one plant profile per week, choosing a plant that's either in flower att he time of writing, or otherwise "popular" (mentioned often in the blog.)

However, I'd love to get some feedback: are there any plants YOU want to know more about? Any plants you have seen int he garden and wondered "What is that?"

Let me know - put a comment below!

(Flower at left is an Aloe - surrounded by weeds!)


  1. How about telling us about the prunus that is growing by the bench? Is it a prunus pissardii?

  2. How about profiling some of the weeds. Might help us know what to look for when we work in the garden. We might also learn something interesting about them.

  3. excellent ideas folks! Thanks! keep 'em coming :)


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