Saturday, January 23, 2010

New plants

Today I went to San Mateo to the community garden plot of Dani. She donated several big clumps of irises and a Pineapple Sage (Salvia elegans) to the garden. Thanks Dani!

I got back to the garden and planted the sage, and started work on adding border edging to the brick path, and widening it (again) so the dog poop trash can is hopefully able to fit down it easily. I hope that helps Jim and Carrie who kindly donated the use of the can! I found two more piles of poop, one bagged and dumped in a border, though. There are plenty of bags and a receptacle, so why people need to leave poop everywhere is beyond me.

In between my work I chatted with Joe who set up "The Benches" - a garden at 18th and San Bruno that I can't wait to go visit. Also Brad came over with many plants from his roof deck! I'll need to catalog them and figure out what goes where tomorrow - thanks Brad!!!

UPDATE: Emily went out and planted all the irises! She removed some Dietes from the red bed too - they're going to become edgers in the new strip garden down the street.

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