Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Emily strikes again!

While I was off gadding about looking at horses at the weekend, Emily was in the garden working! Here's what she did:

1. plant the Dahlias in the red bed
2. add more red Ranunculus and red anemone to the frontside of the red bed
3. add yellow Ranunculus around the columbine
4. add yellow Ranunculus around the knautia macedonia
5. transplant an Arctotis to the sidewalk bed on the path side
6. add compost/vermiculite to the upper succulent slope bed, moved the ground cover (Ajuga) to a better spot, and put in more blue anemone.
7. confirmed the ranunculus from before is sprouting leaves!!!!!!

I can't wait to see all her additions flowering - these are plants I've never grown so they all seem very new and exciting to me!

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