Thursday, January 28, 2010

Got gloves?

I go through a fair few pairs of gardening gloves, as I am sure you can imagine. Carrie gave me a beautiful pair of Smith & Hawken rose pruning gloves that are far to nice for the everyday sort of grubbing about I do, so I save them strictly for rose pruning, and posing for Better Homes and Gardens photoshoots and the like.*

I also have some thicker leather gloves for handling cacti - I could really use two pairs on top of each other as the spines can get through one thickness of leather all too easily. Perhaps I will get some welder's gauntlets one day.

The gloves I always reach for for everyday gardening though are nitrile coated nylon gloves. They're thin enough that you can feel a weed stem to pull it out, fit close enough so delicate tasks are easy, and waterproof on the palms yet breathable on the backs of the hands so you don't get all sweaty. I can't say enough good things about them! I also use them at the barn for horsey activities - I'm sure their uses are endless.

I recently got a 12 pack of these gloves from and the price per pair works out to just $4.33, with free shipping! Considering they normally cost about $7/pair this is a fantastic deal, and means I'm unlikely to run out any time soon. Hurrah for lots of gloves, and thanks to CSN Stores!

* This is not true. I have never done a Better Homes and Gardens photoshoot.

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