Friday, January 15, 2010

A new garden!

A new garden opens tomorrow in the neighborhood! Check it out:

Martin Luther King Volunteer Service Weekend is almost upon us, and there is a new community garden in the neighborhood, and there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony, and a small work day this Saturday at 11am.

The garden is located at "The Benches" 18th St and San Bruno Ave. This garden will be a public garden, and will follow similar rules and guidelines as other community gardens in San Francisco.

As some of you may remember, we cleaned up this lot, and painted the fence green one year ago, on Martin Luther King Day.

Joe Treinen has offered to volunteer as community garden coordinator. There is opportunity for all of you, as community members to be founding members of this new community garden.

If you would like a plot at this garden (or just to help out), please email BenchesGarden at and come to the event on Saturday, at 11am. Please, bring your work gloves, as we will be doing some final painting and sprucing up of this area.

Sounds lovely - I'll be out of town most fo the day but I'm going to stop by as soon as I can to see this spot!

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