Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Parks & Rec

Yesterday I had a visit from Julia from SFPT. She wanted to see what I was up to, since SFPT is a nonprofit organization that has some sort of mystical relationship with DPW, who have taken out the encroachment permit with Caltrans for me. It's a bizarre love triangle, with me in the middle, encroaching away as fast as I can before anyone notices.

Julia was very nice, and had all sorts of suggestions for grants I might get (woot!) and so on. She was very encouraging about the garden indeed, so I dragged her down to the strip of land opposite Center Hardware where I planted some star-crossed sunflowers last May.

I have been trying to get someone to admit they own this little strip for a while now, so that I can then harass them into fixing the fence that has a giant hole in it. Once the fence is fixed, I can plant that area with proper, drought tolerant plants, and already have got two energetic urban gardeners (Denise and Emily) interested in doing this little project with me. We have already planned some seriously drought tolerant plantings, and have begun amassing plants.

(I was showing Julia the hole it dawned on me that I am Ann Perkins (Rashida Jones) from the TV show Parks & Recreation and Sandra from DPW is Leslie Knope.  This trivial parallel only enhanced by the hole and the desire to make a little park where it is!)

Anyway, I think this is going to happen.Progress and encouragement. It's all good.

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