Saturday, May 2, 2009

Big sunflower planting day

Today we planted sunflowers for International Guerrilla Sunflower Day (officially May 1st)

It was raining. Fantastic for the garden, and the sunflower strip down the street at Mariposa and Pennsylvania. Not so great for the volunteers. Matt and I powered through the job in a bit over an hour, and then I called/emailed the people who'd said they'd come to tell them we were finished.

Some pics. First, the site beforehand. Luckily a city worker had weed-whacked a few weeks ago, but the fennel roots were still there in force:

There was a hole in the fence that homeless people have been using to get down on the train tracks, so I went to the hardware store for some wire and wired it shut. It was still gaping, so I wired a pallet in, and threw rocks and branches in to fill it up. Then I used the city's leftover sandwich board and caution tape on top of that. Hope it works! The flowers should cover the ugliness soon.

After: We dug up all the weeds and trash and rocks, and made the soil fluffy. Then we added 4 bags of WholeFoods compost and mixed it in. We planted about 75 sunflowers (Helianthus annuus) a couple dozen sunflower seeds, and a packet of wildflower seeds from Joan. After that we mulched with coffee grounds to deter slugs and snails, and added regular mulch on top. It needs more mulch, but I am too pooped to wheelbarrow it down from P. Garden.

Update: Melissa came by and helped us plant yesterday's three plants from the SFBG. While we were doing that a guy dropped by who appreciated our work. He donated $5 to the cause on the spot in the names of "Mandy and Bandit." Sweet! That covers two of this morning's 4 bags of compost.

Kepa had some more sunflowers for us, so we dropped by and got 'em, and they're already planted. Should be quite the show! Tragically we missed seeing Erin and Joni at the garden - we'd finished before they arrived :(

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