Sunday, May 3, 2009

More rain

Great for the sunflowers - I don't have to go water! :D

I stayed inside and potted succulents today. Ordered 125 more daffodil bulbs for fall delivery (cannot have too many daffs - that's my theory!) and washed used seed flats for next time I feel a burning urge to tend to hundreds of baby plants for months...

Later on it cleared up and the sun came out, so Matt and I went out and:

- Planted 3 Yuccas, moved another one
- Planted 2 Agaves
- Moved an Aloe and a Sedum (Hab Grey)
- Planted dozens of Aloe nobilis along the storm drain (all done!)
- Took a wheelbarrow load of mulch down to the sunflowers and spread it
- Brought up a long pallet and made a third side for the weed pile compost heap
- Weeded, deadheaded

On the way back from lunch I knocked on the door of the woman who lives in the house up the street with the amazing tree in the back yard - a Wigandia urens. I have always loved this tree, and have never seen it for sale. I asked Pat if I could have a sucker and she let us in to look for one! Sadly, no luck... we did get a big cutting but I hear they are very hard to root... Lastly, Leah dropped by and took some pots - hurrah!

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