Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tuesday night fix

Above: the front border showing three pics of before, during and after, from two angles. Befores are December 08 or February 09, afters are today!

I rushed home to plant the rest of the plants from the weekend's Pacifica haul, and managed to get the following in the ground:

2 clumps Plectranthus tomentosa (I think - smells like lemon!)
4 clumps Echeveria "Sun Dancer" (probably)
3 clumps Crassula corymbulosa “Red Pagoda”

Of course lots of little bits fell off, as is the way with succulents, so I scooped them up and took them in the house. They are potted in 4' pots now - we have 2 flats full. Yep, house is starting to look a little Sanford and Sons-esque again...

I also chatted with my charming neighbors and their dogs, and a stranger who crossed the road to tell me that the garden fills his heart. Well, gosh! *blush*

This morning I brought out a bucket of water for the Cardoon (floppy) and emptied our compost bucket into the bin. There's some good compost brewing in there!

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