Monday, December 7, 2009

Chilly, it is

Well the big rain forecast for today was once again a bit disappointing. I'm really glad I soaked some areas of the garden at the weekend because that sort of rain doesn't penetrate the mulch at all. Boo!

I went to the garden at lunchtime to fix the twig border (left) near the bench, which had got all ratty. I used Kepa's branches and managed to get it done in 15 mins while at the same time (sort of) holding a conversation with Gina! I saw Gary and Annelle too but couldn't stop to chat - I was on a mission!

Later on Emily went by and busted out some plants she snagged from Annie's Annuals, as well as some compost. We had talked about her garden being a bit shady, so I told her she could add some of her favorites to sunny P. Garden. I am going to post her email to me because, well, I'm lazy and I'm enjoying a glass of Lambrusco by the fire.

"So I planted all of the things pictured, and spread a bunch of compost in the top part of the succulent slope (the big empty spot). When I put in the Knautia macedonia I found a bunch of daffodil bulbs lining that area. I also found one that was buried so deep it had a good 3 inches of white top still way below the soil. I dug it out and put it next to the Knautia. It kinda works out, because the Knautia will get nice floppy foliage that will cover the daffodils when they die back in the summer, and the Knautia starts doing a ton of burgundy flowers. I dug out the rattier looking chard and put the Columbine (Aquilegia) in its place. Surprisingly everywhere I dug was only damp a few inches down, so I will go back later this week and water everything. The close up of the Pam's Choice petiole shows the purple spots - how cool! : )

The new twig barrier looks awesome, I took photos of it."

How about that then? I can't wait to see all the fruits of Emily's labor flowering away in the garden. And to top it all off she took at the pics for today's post. Thanks Emily! I am going to lazily go back to my Lambrusco and toast all your hard work ;)

Here's the final tally, photos top to bottom, left to right:

Glaucium species (Horned Poppy) "Iran" - bench and Emily's cute dog in the background.
Aquilegia chrysantha (Columbine) "Yellow Queen" in the left bed.
Knautia macedonica in the red bed.

Penstemon hartwegii "Tubular Bells Red"
Digitalis (Foxglove) "Pam's Choice" near the steps

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