Thursday, December 10, 2009

He hasn't croaked yet! And other godawful puns...

It has been brought to my attention by an inside source that another birthday is upon us. Yes, Gary of Brickley Production Services has just turned 21 again. Here he is looking delighted (left). Happy birthday Gary!

It is unlikely that you will appreciate the significance of the balloon he's holding, but if you look closely you'll see it has a frog on it. I can reveal to you now that P. Garden will soon be welcoming a colony of frogs to live among us! My friend Jack is a keen amphibian-liker and suggested adding a few Pacific Tree Frogs to the garden. I quite liked the idea of little frogs chirping in the bushes, and since this species is rare within San Francisco proper, it only seemed right to have them. I was a tad hesitant about their needs, but Gary found out and got all excited about the froggy business. He has agreed to be the frog ambassador and will be writing a little piece or two about them when the time comes.

So yay for Gary and yay for his impending army of frogs. Yes, that's right - the collective noun for frogs is an army. Or a colony, or a knot. But I like army.

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