Thursday, December 3, 2009

Birthday coming up!

Pennsylvania Garden will be one year old on December the 7th!

I am planning to visit the SFBG's half off plant sale on Saturday December 5th, just as I did last year, to get plants for the garden.

Do you want to celebrate with me? Come to the garden on Saturday for our regularly scheduled monthly volunteer day (11am-1pm) and help me plant a few plants, weed out a few weeds, and enjoy the garden!

If you happen to go by Home Despot this week, remember they have a half off bulb sale going on - grab a bag for the garden too! We love bulbs, and you will too when you see how they look in February :)

Yesterday, Emily went to the garden and planted a couple things:

- Planted a magenta pink Cistus x pulverulentus (Rock Rose "Sunset") in front of the Phormium in the back side of the red bed.
- Planted a line of white flowering tobacco (Nicotiana) in line with the (hopefully) white ginger near the bench. (Wait til the both flower - what a perfume!)
- Distributed the foxglove (Digitalis purpurea) seedlings in a line behind the Yucca by the steps.

This morning I went by and watered them in. Looking good, Emily! :) Also noticed that Jo had left me some orange branches for the garden - wonderful! Photo above shows our orange Crocosmias flowering for the first time.

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