Thursday, August 23, 2012


DPW, who owns the land where our project is situated, wants to plant trees all along the west side of the street. Today I talked to Doug at Friends of the Urban Forest again about what we hope to accomplish.

We have selected 5 species of trees for the project in anticipation of a November planting date. We hope to have the following:

Acacia baileyana "purpurea"
Agonis flexuosa "After Dark"
Melaleuca linariifolia
Olea eurpoaea
Sophora secundiflora

With a bit of luck FUF can get hold of these for us. They were all chosen  for the following reasons:

a) Not too tall - there are power lines overhead
b) Does well in relatively hot and dry conditions with very fast-draining soil (our soil infiltration test showed a very high drainage rate)
c) Evergreen ideally
d) Low litter from fruit, flowers etc as cars will be parked underneath, and agaves planted nearby which collect litter and make them look funky.
e) Has a canopy that people can walk under with minimal pruning, as a sidewalk will run alongside them.
f) The north end of the street gets a bit of evening wind from 17th street: 3-4 trees might be in a windy spot some of the time

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