Thursday, August 30, 2012

More documentation

Today I emailed off a package of 10 documents to the PUC for their approval before they will release funds for us to start the Pennsylvania Railroad Garden project. Emily spent a lot of time back and forth with our landscape Architect Andrea Alfonso to get many of these ready, and it was a big relief to mail them all off today. They were:
  1. Letter of support and analysis by Geotechnical Engineer (Reza Baradaran)
  2. Letter of support by Landscape Architect  (Andrea Alfonso)
  3. Final Layout Drawing by Landscape Architect (Andrea Alfonso)
  4. Letter of support from Structural Engineer (Bryce Neuman)
  5. Structural Drawing by Structural Engineer (Bryce Neuman)
  6. Letter of support from DPW (Director Mohammed Nuru) 
  7. PUC spreadsheet for 24 hour storm reduction/ Rain garden sizing calculator 
  8. Watershed diagram 
  9. Updated timeline and maintenance plan for the project
  10. SPUR (now known as the Pennsylvania Railroad Garden) narrative and description

We're very grateful to Landscape Architect Andrea Alfonso,  Geotechnical Engineer Reza Baradaran, Structural Engineer Bryce Neuman and DPW Director Mohammed Nuru for their persistence on this project!

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