Monday, August 6, 2012

It's never really quick

Plectranthus top left,
Euphorbia bottom right
You think you're going to go to the garden and quickly water what needs to be watered, and do a quick tidy. No chance! Hours later you look at the time and... eek!

Today I watered several areas, and planted the following, one of each:

Teucrium betonicum (Madeira germander) - anything from Madeira is a freind of mine. Emily picked this out.
Phormium "Yellow Wave" - from John.
Euphorbia "Blackbird" - in the same spot where one failed before. Is this wise? We shall see.
Plectranthus parviflorus "Sapphire Dream" - A variegated one.The other Plectranthus we have, P. argenteus, does really well for us. Fingers crossed here!

Phormium spilling over
the old stump
These all went in the area of the left bed that was cleared of lupines and Brugmansia yesterday. Yes, it's more watering, but they won't live in their pots forever, so in they went!


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