Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Where'd the weekend go?

Echium wildpretii
On Friday John came over to get some Agaves from PG. Being John, he was not only extremely grateful for the plants (um, he donated them in the first place, AND he was doing us a favor by removing them as they'd grown too big!) but he also brought some planty gifts too (Yucca and Euphorbia ammak cuttings.)

Together we (well, mostly he) removed five large Agave americanas from the front area, where they were getting congested. I also pruned back lots of Calandrinia spectabilis and gave John the cuttings. I'll rearrange that front area a bit more soon and it should be good for several more years.

On Saturday Crima and her Ecology of San Francisco course students from City College came to visit the garden, and Emily and I led them through the process of starting and maintaining a garden like PG. They asked lots of intelligent questions, and it was fun!

We're supposed to get a little rain on Wednesday but the garden sure looks dry right now. I might have to get out there and water it one of these days. Pic shows our Echium wildpretii flowering at last. It's been a long wait!

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