Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy day before Easter!

Arch - cleansed!
We had a lovely sunny day for the volunteer day. Lots of people out of town so turnout was light, but those who did come were hard workers!

Carlin attacked the weedy French drain with her usual zeal. The area is now pristine.

Carl trimmed back the pink-flowering vine on the arch - Dipogon lignosus (Cape Sweet Pea) - and we can now walk through the arch without being grabbed.

Kiosk - repaired!
Nate fixed the edging by the kiosk. The dumpster company seems to like to shove the dumpster against the edging and trash it - Nate added a strip of wood and some rebar to hopefully make it more resistant to being crunched.

Carl helped him with that, then they both worked on weeding the Aloe nobilis hedge along the cactus wall. I joined them - wow, what a weedy mess! I'll have to keep working on that area over the next few weeks.

I weeded the middle front bed thoroughly. And planted 24 Easter eggs around the garden for people to find. Did you get one?

Steps - fixed!
Matt fixed the top step of the steps and turned the compost over. Looks like we are cooking some nice compost in the bins: I can't wait to actually empty one out and use it in the garden.

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