Sunday, April 8, 2012


Middle back bed - before & after
Today Matt and I went back to the garden to do a few tasks. We only found 2 of the 24 eggs I planted left, so there were some happy kids/adults in the area in the last 24 hours I hope!

I removed the strangely dead Drosanthemum bicolor from the middle back bed. For some odd reason it just "carked it" in the last few months and today it was dead as a doornail. I replaced it with three Euphorbia characias, an Agave angustifolia and I moved an Aeonium arboreum forward in the bed too to fill the gap. The agave is a bit of a weedy specimen but it ought to grow in to fill the spot perfectly.

Middle back bed - before & after
As I was weeding that bed I noticed even more Aeonium "Zwartkop" have been stolen from the garden. Someone just snapped off dozens of heads of the lovely plants. What kind of person does that? You'd think people who love plants would know how long they take to grow, and how much work is involved in making them look good. It really hurts me to see theft in the garden. Please call 911 if you see people stealing from the garden.

Psoralea pinnata
I also deadheaded all the daffodils, noted that the Aloe striatulas and Aristea capitata are about to flower, thoroughly enjoyed the awesome scent of the Psoralea pinnata (Kool Aid Bush) and chatted with Mara from across the street.

In the meantime Matt replaced a broken handle on a hoe, and tried really hard to replace a broken shovel head with no lock. Oh well, a 50% success rate is good enough!


  1. Hey there, Just found this blog through a posting on the PHPA list. We live at 18th and Minnesota and people have taken several of our succulents. Garth at Flora Grub's told me that there's a guy from the Mission who periodically takes succulents and then resells them on the street. He gets busted occasionally but never is out of action for long. I don't think he's a plant lover so much as a plant hawker. Don't know if this helps you feel better, or not. :o) Thanks for creating such a lovely garden. I just walked by it today on an errand to Center Hardware. It was glorious in the sun!

  2. Thanks for the info! I'm thinking of making some signs telling people to quit stealing, for all the good that might do. Sorry to hear your plants have fallen victim to this too :(


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