Friday, April 27, 2012

Arch area revamp complete

Today I met Josh at the garden at 9am for a quick revamp of the arch area John and I had worked on recently. I'd long had a plan to plant the Cordylines from the wine barrels in the ground, because they need to be watered in those barrels - it's not a xeric garden ideal!

I pulled out the edging pavers from both sides, then tried to remove both wine barrels and remembered we'd used wire cable to attach them to the arch ages ago to prevent theft. Needed to borrow a wrench from Brickley Production Services next door to get the cable removed, then pulled out the two Cordylines and all the Lantana camara planted at the base of them.

Josh removed an Agave parryi from the left side and I put it where the wine barrel was on the right side, along with a Lantana. We planted one Cordyline on the left side, and moved the Furcraea longaeva* away from the arch a little. Then Josh got a bunch of leftover Agave filifera pups and arranged them around the base of the Furcraea. He also put a couple of the pups in the middle front bed.

Josh weeded an area in the left bed for the other Cordyline, and we moved some Stachys byzantina (Lamb's Ears) to the front as well. I trimmed up the cardoon too - it's always flopping into the path.

I put another Lantana up at the top of the brights bed, and Josh pruned a Salvia mexicana. We watered everything in thoroughly. Then I had to leave to go out of town but man: lots of work done - it was very satisfying!

Also of note today I re-met Sybil who's been in the area ages and recently made a donation (thanks!), saw Jon and his doggies, and noticed someone left some nice plants for us as another donation. Thanks to everyone who contributes! We were also visited by Andrew and Dexter, the African Gray Parrot. Can I just say we don't get enough parrots in the garden?

* Thanks John for emailing me the species name on this one! Always helpful :)


  1. The garden looks wonderful. Excellent job!

  2. Thanks Angela! We love getting comments like that :)


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