Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wildlife has a wild life

I see you creeping up on me...
Today I went down to Warm Water Cove to weed for a while with the other volunteers there. Great little garden, and the weather was excellent for weeding.

After that I met Dee at PG and we weeded for an hour - got the front bed sorted out, and I also planted two Coreopsis and a variegated Agapanthus in the middle back bed.

A nasty smell had been wafting across the neighborhood all morning. I saw Juana walking her dogs and she told me there was an unfortunate skunk who'd been killed in the intersection at 18th where the off ramp ends. Where was he going to? Coming from? Why did the skunk cross the road? We'll never know.

OK that's it - I'm out!
I went up and sure enough a little black and white corpse lay there. Oh dear. Not wanting to either a) wait for the city to come remove him, b) smell him any longer or c) let the smell get worse as he was repeatedly run over.... I went and picked him up and put him on the compost heap. Not that you do anyway, but do I need to tell you not to frolic on the compost heap any more?

Shortly after Nate and Tanya came by and pointed out that we had more wildlife in the garden. A juvenile red-tailed hawk (probably) was sitting on the wooden arch, making that whiny baby hawk cry they do when they want their parents to feed them. I managed to get a picture before s/he flew away. Pretty cool.


  1. Thanks for paying some mind to the poor skunk. They're sensitive little creatures and it's sad to hear about one being run over on the street. I saw one waddling about on Sutro Reserve last week. It was very timid and liked to stay hidden from people.

  2. I love skunks - wish we had one living in the garden as it would deter people from sitting on the bench at 2am and leaving trash everywhere! ;) They are really nice litle beasts.


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