Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mariposa Center Garden makeover

Emily, Gillian, Elliot and John
Today we had another great turnout at the garden, with some new volunteers alongside the regulars. 14 volunteers equals 28 person hours of work done in 2 hours of time - this warms the cockles of my heart!

The plan was to thoroughly weed and mulch the Mariposa Center Garden (MCG) opposite Center Hardware, and plant a few extra Dietes along the front.

BJ, Carlin and Riley
Leading the charge, Emily was joined by her mom Debbie, John, Heather, Riley, BJ, and later on everyone else from PG mentioned below. They thoroughly stripped the area of weeds, laid a thick bed of mulch and planted and watered in some Dietes from PG.

Carlin pruned some low-hanging branches off the cherry plum trees, then she and Elliot and Gillian dug up the aforementioned Dietes from Pennsylvania Garden and transported them down to the MCG for planting.

Matt and the new boards
Janet weeded a lot, then potted up some Mexican Feather Grasses (Nassella tenuissima) for the SPUR project (now known as the Pennsylvania Railroad Garden) down the street. They'll be transported up to Mendocino where Matt's dad is helping us by growing on plants in his greenhouse.

Nate relentlessly ferried wheelbarrows of mulch down to the MCG, as well as containers of water for the new plants filled by Dee and Carlin.

Josh weeded all along the storm drain, ably assisted by his dog Cosmo. Leslie weeded the path in front, and then she and Matt installed some pressure-treated boards at the base of the handrail, and covered the path in mulch. At one point a saw was needed and Leslie went and got a cordless circular saw from her home. I was beyond impressed with that!

All in all another fantastic day - loads of work done, great people and fab weather to boot.

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