Saturday, April 9, 2011

Shout Out to Starbucks

I've been dashing from work/garden/work about once a week, picking up a tub of coffee grounds from the Starbucks at UCSF (1700 Owens Street). Full disclosure, I am not much of a coffee drinker, but the staff at Starbucks are exceptionally nice - for both saving the grounds for the garden, and for being so cheerfull every time I try not to interrupt their morning rush. So, way to go Starbucks!

In case you want to know why we are using coffee grounds at Pennsylvania Garden, here are a few reasons:

1) For side dressing plants that like extra nitrogen (like roses!). Try to put down a one inch layer
2) Creating a ring of grounds around plants that are susceptible to slugs and snails, which hate the coarse texture and acid of the coffee grounds (it seems to work!)
3) Adding it to our compost pile as a source of extra nitrogen
In case you haven't been by the garden to check out the newly spruced up pathway along the cactus wall, I recommend going for a stroll and stop and smell the roses there. You may get a whiff of coffee too!

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  1. Whiskey Mack is looking lovely right now: good job Nate on pruning that rose earlier this year, and Emily for keeping her coffee-grounds-ed!


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