Friday, April 29, 2011

Guerrilla Sunflower Day

Our friends over at have reminded us that this Sunday May 1st is Guerrilla Sunflower Day

"We plant sunflowers beyond our boundaries, in verges, shabby flower beds, crevices, along fences, tree pits. Some thrive, some fail. It's the fifth year we've rallied together on this day and thousands are already signed up online making plans. Go out solo or find friends to wander around planting hope together, strike up conversations with passers by and take photos, share your progress online and let me know how you get on. There's a video with tips here."
Since San Francisco's weather is pretty different to that of the UK, I recommend that if you plant sunflower seeds on May 1st you should water them regularly since we won't get much more rain. Alternately I recommend planting California poppies. They're tough, they're native, and they don't need much help at all to get going. Grab a packet of seeds today and go out and sprinkle them around your neighborhood this weekend.

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