Monday, January 17, 2011

It was a sunny and warm January weekend...

Matt's Aloe project
... yes! Sun and warmth! So off we went to the garden.

On Saturday I planted a Carpenteria californica (Bush Anemone) in the left bed and mulched it in. Moved some Gasterias and a Cotyledon orbiculata in the middle back bed. Weeded all sorts of things. Cut back a Salvia leucantha (Mexican Sage) and went around weeding and pruning and tidying all over.

Just when I was getting ready to go home for lunch, Emily showed up so I handed off my new knee pads to her and she went to work on weeding and mulching the red bed. Garden relay!

On Sunday Matt and I went out and I planted 12 Gazanias in the front border (poor front border, looking scruffy after it's weeding recently) and mulched them in. Then I weeded and mulched part of the front middle bed, and swept the sidewalk.

Matt decided to take on an awesome task: the removal of ivy from the bottom of the steps. Which led to the rediscovery of all the Aloe nobilis planted there back in May 2009 which had become overwhelmed by ivy and Aptenia. Poor things. He dug them all out, I trimmed off the rotten leaves, and Matt got rid of the ivy. Together we replanted the aloes. Looks fantastic: it was a major job! Matt also planted an Aloe nobilis at the front end of the handrail along the storm drain, and a big clump of yellow ice plant (Carpobrotus edulis) that Jes gave us too.

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