Monday, January 17, 2011

MLK Jr Day

Anemones Ranunculus are up!
Today I arrived at the garden to find 5 trash bags full of Agapanthus left by Anna! I got to work and planted two bags full to fill out the back border. I also planted a red Phormium and a Stachys byzantina (Lamb's Ear) in the left bed, as well as a bag of mini daffodil bulbs by the steps.

Next I cut back the Crassula muscosa (Watch Chain Plant) which was threatening to engulf the plants near it.

Jess and Sophia came by and helped me by planting a bag of Shirley poppy seeds in the dog area. They also weeded and mulched one spot that really needed it! Later on, Emily, her mum and grandma came by for a tour of the garden.


  1. Those anemones are GORGEOUS. It does me good just to look at a picture of them--how much better to be out there with them....

  2. I have got the flower name wrong - they are Ranunculus! What was I thinking... the intense red color must have blinded me!

  3. They look just like de Caen anemones though.


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