Saturday, January 8, 2011

I never want to see a wood chip again

Adam dumps the chips... oh dear.
Today I was at the garden at 9 am weeding the dog area in preparation for 30 yard of wood chips being delivered by Bay View Green Waste. As I was working, Nate, Emily, Leslie, Julyanne, Matt and David arrived to help, then Adam driving the wood chip truck arrived. I dug up two lavender bushes to make room for the truck and put them aside.
Julyanne, Leslie and
Nate dig in

 Nate and I redirected traffic as Adam tried to  back the truck into the dog area but he was afraid itd'd tip over. We had to settle for dumping the entire load on the shoulder and the workday suddenly got a lot more strenuous: We had to move ALL the mulch off the street right away, instead of just wheelbarrowing some to the paths.

I felt really bad for everyone, but especially Leslie and Julyanne who were volunteering for the first time. I promise we don't usually make people work that hard!

Gina, Leah and Nate
Gina and Leah showed up later on and mucked right in, and amazingly we managed to move the entire load in about 3 hours AND cover all the pathways (except the one by the storm drain) with a thick layer of mulch.

Don't know about the rest of you guys but I have been nursing my blisters and aching muscles ever since ;)

Before and after!

After Matt and I left, Leah stayed on and pruned the cherry plum trees. I'll have ot get out there and use the branches to do up some of the twig borders soon. Got branches, anyone?


  1. What an awesome accomplishment, 30 tons moved with shovels! Well done, volunteers!

  2. Not 30 tons! Wow - that'd be a lot. Only 30 yards: a full truckload. OK, it was a lot. ;)


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