Saturday, September 25, 2010

Power corrupts (me!)

I was asked to be a judge at a plant competition that happened today at the inaugural planting of the Indiana Street "Progress Park." Naturally this brought every officious, power-hungry, judgemental fiber of my being to attention. Fun times ahead!

I asked John to join me and he arrived at P. Garden with some plants for me. This never gets old! To my delight, he had 2 Yucca aloifolia cuttings (Spanish Bayonet - awesome. As in, awe-inspiringly pointy!) as well as 2 Agave americanas for Sharon (special request) and 2 leetle pups of a very special variegated Agave that I will be hiding on my patio until they are ready for their debut at PG. Pictures at bottom of this post.

My pals Bill, Bruce, Katie and all their crew were there today with a massive selection of gorgeous plants from (where else?) Flora Grubb. Katie had arranged the plants ready for planting, and my co-judge, John and I enjoyed overthinking such categories as "Most Dog Friendly" (friendly to dogs, or dog-proof?), "Greenest Plant" (in hue, or ecological terms?)  and "Tallest Plant" (current height? Eventual height?)

Eventually, after much deliberation, we decided on our first-through-third selections, consulting the iPhone to determine which plants were least toxic to pets and so on. Ribbons were awarded and the planting began. John and I hadn't realized there'd be planting (could it be I did not read the emails carefully enough?) so were no dressed for the task, but what the heck! We put a few in the ground anyway.

So it's nearing noon, and it's hotter than a dutch oven in the city this week (I want a dutch oven. But I don't want to be in a dutch oven). John and I had to go, so we took the pots the Indiana Street gang were going to throw out, and scarpered.

Later on, I went to P Garden and watered for about 4 hours. I happened upon Nate who was passing by in the street, and he offered me his help for an hour. We propagated a flat of Calandrinia cuttings from Deborah. I also deadheaded the Scabiosas, and tied the Mexican Fan Palm to it's stake. Need another stake. H'm. Then I potted up half a dozen Aloe brevifolia and inventoried the sale plants.


  1. Hey, even in Canada I read the blog. Be careful what you wish for - you may get a Dutch oven for Christmas! Glad you and John enjoyed the planting party.

  2. The Dahlias miss you! I deadheaded them a little on Saturday. ;)


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