Saturday, September 11, 2010

Kickass volunteer day!

Today's volunteer day was excellent. We had loads of great volunteers, and we all got down to business and got so much accomplished: you'll notice the difference!

Arum, Emily and Leanne deadheaded ALL the Agapanthus in the garden (first pic), among many other tasks. Matt chopped up the waste and composted it. The front border is transformed!

Nataly and Arum potted up over 100 succulent cuttings for the plant sale (second pic), all donated by Nataly's family, and planted in pots that Leanne got for us. The plant sale inventory just skyrocketed!

Nate weeded out Vinca from the borders (third pic), and rebuilt the twig border they had infiltrated.  It warms the cockles of my heart to see someone twig weaving, and Nate is really good at that particular job. We did miss his other half, Tanya though!

Matt pruned the variegated Echium and watered all the sale plants thoroughly. He also helped John and I to pot up many large Yucca branches and take them down to the Regent's Cab lot to root (thanks Steve, Bruno and co. for letting us use your space!)

You won't believe how awesome the new Yuccas are going to look on the street: to give a sneak peek, that's John demonstrating the size as they lie on the dog area wood chips (John is a playful guy!) and then we have Matt (also playful!) showing them after potting. (fourth and fifth pics)

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